Dr. Gangadhara Y V is presently working as a faculty in DoS in Social Work, University of Mysore. Teaches Human Resources Management, Human Resource Development, Organizational Behaviour and Organizational Development, Research and Statistics at university level.

This Website is about Education, Science & Technology, Business and Culture. The major goal of this website is to impart education in all the fields. Develop a good networks for learners. Contributors are welcome to submit their article and that will be published in the website.

Core Skills

  • Good in Public Speaking
  • Good in multidisciplinary subject teaching skills
  • Fluent in English and Kannada
  • Good in Research and Statistics.
  • Consultant to Research and Statistics for researchers.
  • Networking people from different fields.
  • Communication Skill.
  • Adaptability skill working with the people from diverse culture.
  • Good in harnessing digital technology.

Resource Person for the following organizations

  • Corporation Bank – Soft Skills
  • Women and Child Welfare- Motivation
  • The University of Mysore – Digital Tools on Research
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