Social Work and other Social Sciences

  Social work is a profession that is focused on helping individuals, families, and communities to enhance their well-being and address social issues that impact their lives. It draws upon a range of knowledge and theories from other social sciences, such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, and political science, to inform its practice.

  Social work and other social sciences share the goal of understanding social issues and finding ways to improve people’s lives. While social work focuses on direct practice with individuals and communities, other social sciences tend to focus more on research and theoretical analysis.

  Sociology, for example, provides social workers with an understanding of social structures and how they affect individuals and communities. 

  Psychology helps social workers to understand human behavior and mental health issues. 

  Anthropology provides insights into the cultural and historical contexts that shape people’s lives. 

 Economics and political science inform social workers’ understanding of policies and laws that impact social issues.

  By drawing upon the knowledge and theories from other social sciences, social work is able to develop effective interventions and strategies that address social problems, promote social justice, and enhance the well-being of individuals and communities.