Definition of Group

  We live in groups. Every day’s interactions happen in the groups. Social activities, economic activities, and any other transactions happen only in the groups. But we are yet to know about groups.

  When any person generally thinks about a group, a group is a collection of people who can interact with each other. Their interaction, behaviour, and body language significantly impact the members of the group. It will have objectives or goals. Members of the group are interdependent.

According to Sherif and Sherif

“A group is a social unit consisting of a number of individuals who stand in role and status of relationship to one another, stabilizing in some degree at the time and who process a set of values or norms of their own behaviour, at least, in matters of consequence to the group”

By the above definition it is sure that a group is a social unit  having number of persons playing their own roles and they are related to one another in one or the other way. It has stability over  a period of time with a set of rules and values to depict their behaviour.

R M Williams (1951) explains group as –

“A social group is a given aggregate of people playing inter-related roles and recognised by themselves or other as a unit of interaction.”

The above definition explains group as a collection of people and they are inter-related by delivering their roles. Each member has recognition in the group because of the interaction with other members.

Wilson & Hanna define group as – 

“A collection of three or more individuals who interact about some common problem or interdependent goal and can exert mutual influence over one another” 

When there are three or more than three person, it will be called as a group. They always interact with each other to solve their problems and they are mutually dependent. Personality of one member influences on the personality of other member.

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